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an Ayurvedic Psychotherapy technique.

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a tool for diagnosis and management of psychosomatic diseases

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SMRITI MEDITATION Research Institute for Therapeutic Innovations


SMRITI (Smriti Meditation Research Institute for Therapeutic Innovations) is established as an independent institute under the SMRITI FOUNDATION EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLETRUST. A team of experts led by Dr. K V Dilip Kumar working in Yogatherapy and Ayurveda Psychotherapy for the past twenty five years set up this organization to pass on their clinical wisdom to mankind. Dr. K V Dilip Kumar is the founder and managing trustee of the trust. The trust is developing innovative therapeutic techniques to diagnose, prevent and treat psychic and psychosomatic diseases.

Our Regular Programs

Smriti Vaibhavam

Monthly online gathering of Smriti Meditation practitioners. Practitioners those who completed advanced certificate course in Smriti Meditation conducts case discussion in this platform. This will help to fine tune the skills of doctors practicing smriti meditation round the world.

Smriti Suddhi

SMRITI group meditation therapy for the general public. It provides an opportunity to share their problems, to set a goal in life and to realize the change that should happen in each individual to rediscover the happiness within them.

Chairman’s Message

Dr. K.V. Dilipkumar
Chairman SMRITI
Former Professor (VPSV Ayurveda College, Kottakkal)

Theories proposed to explain the disease causation varied from time to time. There was a time when the distribution of food products was not well organized which resulted in the extreme shortage of food; starvation and malnutrition followed. Green revolution was not even heard of. Result was the birth of nutritional theory, putting forth the role of malnutrition as the sole cause of diseases. Later in the beginning of 20th century germ theory was projected as the major etiological factor of diseases. In due course of time, scientists took up environmental and host factors and proposed the theory of epidemiological triad. As time moved on, non-communicable diseases came to the lime light. By the end of 20th century, the above mentioned theories could not explain the causation of diseases, disabilities and death.


To popularize Ayurvedic Psychotherapy by providing expert training in the management of psychic & psychosomatic disorders and thereby propagate this exclusive technique with scientific evidence worldwide by the year 2030.


Explore the dormant treasure, Ayurveda Psychotherapy and utilize it maximum to serve the humanity.

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What is Smriti Meditation?

How it is effectively utilised in the management of     Psychosomatic diseases?

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