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SMRITI (Smriti Meditation Research Institute for Therapeutic Innovations) is established as an independent institute under the SMRITI FOUNDATION EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLETRUST. A team of experts led by Dr. K V Dilip Kumar working in Yogatherapy and Ayurveda Psychotherapy for the past twenty five years set up this organization to pass on their clinical wisdom to mankind. Dr. K V Dilip Kumar is the founder and managing trustee of the trust. The trust is developing innovative therapeutic techniques to diagnose, prevent and treat psychic and psychosomatic diseases. Smriti Meditation is first of its kind developed based on the essence of Yoga and Ayurveda knowledge. Efforts are on to further modify Smriti Meditation through research and clinical experiences. The trust has initiated and executed the programs for dissemination of this knowledge to scientists, health professionals and the general population across the globe.

SMRITI conducts basic and advanced courses in Yoga and Ayurveda. SMRITI in association with various organizations executes specially designed academic activities such as basic and advanced certificate courses in Smriti Meditation and Smriti Vaibhava to empower healthcare professionals to utilize the possibilities of Smriti Meditation. For the propagation of this science SMRITI has initiated activities to collect, edit and publish academic materials in relation to Smriti Meditation, in print and multimedia platforms. Smriti Suddhi, an initiative of SMRITI through this Smriti group meditation therapy is offered to the general population. This programme is to inculcate the idea that the healing potential is within us and we want to manifest the same rather than waiting for the intervention from the external environment.

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