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Smriti Meditation a Tool for Diagnosis and The Management of Psychosomatic Symptoms: a Clinical Observation Study

Web of causation of diseases are well narrated in Ayurveda classics. Intellectual error is identified as major cause of diseases and its role in the manifestation of psychosomatic diseases is well explained in Charakasamhita. Smriti, exploration of memory is suggested as one of the five components of psychotherapeutic techniques in the managing the psychic components of diseases.

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Psychogenic pseudo-myasthenic ptosis management with ayurvedic medicines and Smriti meditation

Patients presenting with functional neurological symptoms like non-epileptic seizures and weakness have an underlying psychological component and tend to persist for a prolonged time, despite repeated evaluations and interventions. Ayurveda, with its holistic approach to health and disease, can provide better management for such disorders, in the form of customized treatment protocols and unique methods of psychotherapy.

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